Precision 1 (30 Pack)

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PRODUCT NAME: Precision 1 (30 Pack)
  • 1 day replacement
MATERIAL: silicone hydrogel
  • 1 box of 30 lenses

Benefits of Precision 1 daily disposable contact lenses: Best all rounder silicone hydrogel daily disposable lens. Ideal for users as a first time lens or with demanding lifestyles. Smart Surface technology designed to offer high levels of comfort. Ultra smooth surface reduces friction when blinking and makes application easy. Designed for early morning to late at night wearing. Exceptionally breathable lenses that keep your eyes looking and feeling healthy. PRECISION1 is the first-and-only contact lens in the world with Alcon’s proprietary SMARTSURFACE®technology – a permanent, micro-thin, high-performance layer of moisture at the lens surface that helps support a stable tear film to deliver lasting visual performance from morning to night. A new head-to-head clinical study demonstrated superiority of PRECISION1 over top-selling 1-Day contact lenses in attributes critical for successful contact lens wear: vision, comfort and handling. PRECISION1 is designed to provide lasting visual performance for those who wear their contact lenses from early morning to late at night. PRECISION1 daily disposable is the best all rounder, positioned between the premium DAILIES TOTAL1®and great value DAILIES®AquaComfort PLUS®contact lenses. As the newest silicone hydrogel daily lens on the contact lens market, the launch of PRECISION1, is a daily disposable contact lens option that meets the needs of a broad group of wearers and delivers an outstanding wearing experience compared to similarly priced daily lenses. PRECISION1 is a lens you can start in and stay in for years to come, especially those who have active lifestyles that demand exceptional all-day performance.
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