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Silicon hydrogel disposable lenses featuring oxygen transmissibility.

Precision 1 contact lenses
Auto-refill from: $44.99 / month
1 day Acuvue Oasys
Auto-refill from: $46.99/ month
Dailies Total 1 Multifocal
Auto-refill from: $59.99 / month
Clariti 1 Day
Auto-refill from: $29.99 / month
MyDay Daily Disposable 
Auto-refill from: $38.99 / month
MyDay Daily Disposable Toric
Auto-refill from: $46.99 / month
Air Optix for Astigmatism  (3 pack)
Auto-refill from: $43.99 / 3 months
CooperVision cAir (6 pack)
Auto-refill from: $29.99 / 3 months

Owned and run by award winning Australian optometrists

Get 2020 was started in Sydney in 2019 with big ambitions to help our customers spend more precious time with their loved ones and save money on your favourite contact lenses by challenging the status quo of the Australian optical market: to offer top notch contact lenses at competitively low prices and great convenience for our customers with busy lives.

We are a team of optometrists, medical doctors, designers and software engineers with a high moral compass and passion of making sure our customers live the best life possible, which starts with having great eyesight.

We have built up years of trust with premium suppliers Alcon, CooperVision and Johnson & Johnson and have insight on the Australian contact lens wearer’s needs. Our overheads are significantly lower than any optical chain or bricks and mortar store. We help pass on these savings to you by simply shrinking the value chain and effort needed to have lenses delivered, when and where you want at low cost. 

We believe at Get 2020 that the Australian optical system is outdated and over priced and that having great eyesight should be one of life’s essentials that can be low effort, give high value in quality of life and still leave you some money left over in your pocket. 

Don’t just take our word for it, read the reviews and let ours customers do the talking …

ketab aus
00:19 19 Feb 21
Like coffee shops and so many other things, it’s not just about the product you are buying, but the people serving you in the process. If they do it well, they become family. So, this random Chinese man with a Scottish accent, and his lovely team have won our family (including our dog) over. They are keepers because of their character and the huge care factor when it comes to looking after our eyes. As reinforced through Covid, we need to support our local businesses. Give them a chance and you won’t be disappointed.
Karen Coons
08:58 22 Dec 20
Cool - Steve's back online. I missed you man. First class eye guy.
Mike Johnstone
07:16 21 Dec 20
Excellent customer service! Very good communication, a phone call , a text and emails followed up to ensure everything is OK as I am extremely near sighted. Highly recommend!
02:22 15 Dec 20
Get2020 provides a seamless and reliable subscription service for my contact lenses. They make everything so easy, from ordering to enabling claims on private health insurance. Anyone with contact lenses is missing out if they don't sign up
Paul Almond
22:59 08 Dec 20
Great service, followed up personally when there were unexpected delayed, great products.
Jacob Smith
02:22 19 Nov 20
Amazing team at Get2020. Their customer service is always helpful and proactive in doing whatever they can to improve the customer experience. I will definitely continue to use them in the future.
Maddy Thomas
05:12 12 Nov 20
The best customer service I have received. Extremely easy to order contact lenses but what is even better is they are at the lowest price I’ve paid since wearing them. Super easy to claim with my private health also. Highly recommend.
Clare Fitzpatrick
04:25 08 Oct 20
Awesome lenses at a great price. Service and follow-up is top notch too!
Gary Martin
01:30 01 Oct 20
Fast delivery, easy to order from. Would highly recommend.
Chris Whitton
02:13 10 Sep 20
Brilliant service, highly recommend. Lisa
Lisa Wells
02:00 31 Aug 20
Easy user-friendly site with great prices on contact lenses. Shipping was very quick and customer service was excellent when I had a question. Will definitely use from now to purchase my lenses.
Carolyn Deane
03:35 16 Aug 20
Super easy to order contact my monthly contact lenses which always arrives on time with very competitive prices. Would highly recommend!
05:01 13 Aug 20
Accidentally ordered the wrong prescription for one of my eyes. After paying with PayPal I was pleasantly surprised to see an option to cancel the order (unlike many other online contact lens sites). After a quick phone call the next day to a guy named Steve (an optometrist it turns out) everything was sorted; and my correct prescription was being organised. Customer service at least for me was amazing; will definitely be ordering from these guys again.
Oliver Jessen
05:23 12 Aug 20
Due to IT issues from their supplier end, I didn't get a confirmation and shipment email so I followed up with Get 2020. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a personal call from Steve who assured that my purchase was sent out within 24 hours of order and was willing to personally drop off my contact lenses if there were any delays or issues. Received my order this afternoon in less than 2 business days, which is by far one of the most efficient online purchasing experience that I've had to date. Will definitely shop again.
Harley Minikus
04:36 03 Jun 20
Thank you Get2020 for making ordering contacts such an enjoyable experience! The website is clear and easy to navigate and the customer service has been fantastic. I’m so happy about the auto-refill option as I always forget to buy contacts until they are finished. I’m definitely using Get2020 for all my future purchases!
Jess Willson
03:15 01 Jun 20
Such fantastic service! I was getting really low on contacts and thought every day, ‘I must order those...’ and never got around to it. Then like magic 10 pairs appeared in my letterbox with a personal note saying that there was a delay with the regular delivery and these would keep me going! Then a few days later my regular box arrived - it really takes out the hassle of keeping track of when to order. Plus they are less expensive - I can’t recommend enough.
Kaitlin Rady
05:27 30 May 20
Top of the range lenses, affordable prices and exceptional customer service. I wouldn't get my lenses anywhere else!
Paul McCormack
05:52 04 Apr 20
Such a nice company to order contacts from!! And a great price too! Very responsive and helpful
Maya Walsh
21:32 16 Jan 20
Steve’s a 1st optometrist. Been all over the place, cheap glasses at spec savers to expensive frames in Potts Point. The difference is an optometrist who cares enough to fit to his clients particular requirements. It’s a brilliant service. I’m in LA now & continue to order from Steve & team.
Mike Johnstone
11:00 30 Dec 19
Superb customer service and great lenses. Platform for subscriptions is really easy to use and pricing excellent. I got great advice every step along the way by the team and felt very looked after. Highly recommend!
Emma Trask Ward
01:40 30 Dec 19
Easy to use website. My contact lenses arrived within 3 days of ordering. The contact lenses were well packed and protected in a box in a thick plastic bag. Great price and I can get a health fund rebate as well. The subscription service is really handy as I don't need to remember to reorder when I am running low. Glad to hear this is an Australian owned business rather than an overseas operator. Would recommend+
Jason Cheng
22:40 21 Dec 19
was recommended to buy my contact lenses with GET 2020 and have to say, they are the best opticians I have ever used.The Precision 1 daily disposable lenses have a high degree of comfort and are easy to apply/remove, but what sets these dailies apart is durability and stability in the eye under pressure.I am a professional sports coach and have long been looking for lenses which do not fold or fall out when subjected to heavy impact (ie boxing, wrestling, rugby, judo). I have NEVER had a problem with these lenses in that regard and having worn contacts for over 20 years would put them at the top of the pile of every product I have used.Overall, excellent customer service and care from the team at GET 2020, could not recommend more highly, good job guys. Try them out, you wont regret it!
Dave Brooksbank
22:17 16 Dec 19