How it works

Our mission, by using GET 2020 to buy your contact lenses, will allow you to use the time & money saved on the people and things you love in life.
You can choose to either have your favourite contact lenses delivered to your door step as Auto Refill or One Time Order.
Auto Refill offers you the best for convenience and savings in Australia as you will save over 30% off high street prices, free express delivery and having full control of when to start or stop without any commitments along with 365 days optical support. 
One Time Order allows you to order your favourite contact lenses when you want as a single order with free shipping on orders over $99 
All orders come with free returns and an experienced optical team ready to help.
Our ground breaking technology was designed along with our customers, optometrists and manufacturers to make getting your favourite contact lenses a money saving and simple process. When you make an order, we enable your lenses to be shipped direct to your door step from the official manufacturer. This cuts out the high street stores passing the savings to you and ensures high standards of quality control and hygiene.

Commitment free auto-refill you control what when & where we send your favourirte lenses Free fast delivery and returns ( only orders with Auto Refill) every 1,3 or 6 months Direct from your favourite brands and manufaturers.

Choose the way you buy


Auto-refill set it and forget it

Commitment free, auto-refill every 1, 3 and 6 months. Simply enjoy to set it and forget it or add and remove contact lenses as you see fit . Auto-refill orders also get a further 10% discount off our low prices.

1 Saves over 30% off high street prices 2 Lowest prices in Australia 3 Free express delivery & returns 4 Expert eye care support team 5 No commitment, cancel anytime Find my contacts

One time order anytime, anywhere

Short on time? can’t make it to the optometrist? Our 30 days money back guarantee simple ordering process let’s you order from the comfort of your home or while you are on the go.

1 Always low prices 2 Shipped direct from manufacturer 3 Free returns 4 Expert eye care support team 5 Free shipping on orders over $99 Find my contacts