About Get 2020

2020Onsite Pty Ltd T/A Get 2020 (ABN 15 628 841 378) was started in Sydney in 2019 with big ambitions to help our customers spend more precious time with our loved ones and save money on your favourite contact lenses by challenging the status quo of the Australian optical market: to offer top notch contact lenses at low prices and great convenience for our customers with busy lives.

We are a team of medical doctors, optometrists, designers and software engineers with a high moral compass and passion of making sure our customers live the best life possible, which starts with having great eyesight.

It all started in the eye exam room one day when a young Australian Jiu-Jitsu athlete came to us struggling to see clearly during her world championships as her glasses were broken and contact lenses were too time consuming and expensive as an option, she continued to compete by screwing up her eyes. (This we would not recommend.) We decided to gift her some disposable soft contact lenses that would correct her strong prescription which led to an emotional elation from the new sight and freedom given by contacts that contributed to her becoming world champion.

A great story and one we can all relate to which can be easily explained. The Australian optical market is dominated by 2 major companies, that have head offices overseas, that have been able to keep contact lenses prices artificially overpriced while siphoning huge profits from the consumer.

We started Get 2020 to offer our Australian customers another option.

By teaming up with all the major contact lens manufacturers, our smart tech whizzes have built bespoke technology that allows our customers to have their favourite contact lenses shipped directly to them from the official manufacturer via our Get 2020 website. It’s as simple as that. Our team of optometrists have decades of experience whom take ownership of both online and for those who prefer to speak to us from asking about their prescription to help processing orders.

We have built up years of trust with premium suppliers Alcon, Cooper Vision and Johnson & Johnson as well as having insight on Australian contact lens wearers buying habits. They all share our mission by helping us build our customer focused business.

Our overheads are significantly lower than any optical chain or high street store. We help pass on these savings to you, so we simply shrink the value chain and effort needed to have lenses delivered, when and where you want at low cost.

We believe at Get 2020 that the Australian optical system is outdated and over priced and that having great eyesight should be one of life’s essentials that can be low effort, give high value in quality of life and still leave you some money left over in your pocket.

Our team of optometrist are here to serve you.

Dr Stephen Tang (Optom)

Founder and CEO

Let our customers' do the talking...