MyDay Daily Disposable Toric (90 Pack)

$142.99 AUD

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PRODUCT NAME: MyDay Daily Disposable Toric (90 Pack)
  • 1 day replacement
MATERIAL: silicone hydrogel
  • 1 box of 90 lenses

Benefits of MyDay Toric contact lenses: Cooper Vision flagship daily lens for correction of astigmatism. Smart SiliconeTM means that lenses retain moisture. Highly breathable lens design improves oxygen and comfort for the eye. UV blocking filters ideal for Australian lifestyle. Highly convenient and easy to use daily disposable lenses. Smooth lens surface and new lens design makes handling and insertion and removal easier. MyDay toric uses a proven optic lens design – Optimised Toric Lens Geometry™ – to offer clear, crisp vision in a wide range of corrective powers. MyDay toric lenses are made using Smart Silicone™ chemistry to create one of the market leading softest ever lens for long-lasting comfort – all day, every day.
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