MyDay Daily Disposable (90 pack)

$102.99 AUD

Benefits of MyDay contact lenses:

  • Cooper Vision’s flagship daily disposable lens.
  • Manufactured with Smart Silicone™ to combine the best of silicone hydrogel and hydrogel lenses.
  • Very hygienic and convenient.
  • Ultra-breathable lenses allow high levels of oxygen to flow through to the eye with ease.
  • Retains moisture all day long – suitable for those with dry eyes.
  • UV blocking protects eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

MyDay Daily Disposable contact lenses. They offer such comfort, they’re instantly forgettable to your eyes. You, however, will remember the long-lasting comfort they provide.

MyDay lenses were designed with your health and comfort in mind. They are the result of years of research—finding the right combination of lens materials to help ensure your eyes get the oxygen they need, which keeps them healthier and whiter.

MyDay technology takes the best features of hydrogel lenses with the best of silicone hydrogel lenses to offer a unique level of comfort and clarity of vision for daily lens wearers.