DAILIES Aqua Comfort Plus (90 Pack)

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PRODUCT NAME: DAILIES Aqua Comfort Plus (90 Pack)
  • 1 day replacement
MATERIAL: silicone hydrogel
  • 1 box of 90 lenses

Benefits of Dailies Aquacomfort Plus contact lenses: Alcon's trusted daily lens : good all rounder and very hygienic. Ultra-thin design offers comfortable and simple application. Blink activated technology keeps your eyes moisturised throughout the day. Lightstream manufacturing offers excellent vision with each lens. 30 or 90 lens pack. Enjoy doing the things you want to do with Alcon's high quality lens Dailies AquaComfort Plus. The unique wetting technology combination of HPMC (Hydroxy-Propyl-Methyl-Cellulose), PEG (Polyethylen-Glykol) and PVA (Polyvinylalkohol) makes them particularly comfortable and very hygienic. For those who want occasional or daily use, the daily renewed sterility are ideal for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive eyes. The daily lenses promise a long-lasting, good wearing comfort without drying out the eyes - perfect for demanding people who expose their eyes to everyday challenges such as heating air, air conditioning and screen work.
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